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Family is Happiness

12:16 PM


  • Today is starting out to be a pretty good day. I’m in a good mood, so far. I hope that continues.
  • I am breaking out like crazy on my face, right above my eyebrows. It’s driving me insane and I can’t figure out how to get rid of them or prevent it from happening. It’s a common problem for me right now.
  • This weekend Addison has her first dance competition. Due to some issues we had last week, I’m going up there alone with the girls on Friday and Willie will be coming Saturday evening to watch her, and then head back home, while I stay there another night. So much for my weekend with my family without work.
  • I seriously feel like my relationship with my own husband is suffering. We NEVER get time to be alone. Date nights are not possible for us, and outside of being home while the kids are sleeping, we haven’t spent any time with just the two of us in months!
  • The first 2 classes of the semester are complete. I start all over again in mid-March.
  • I love my in home daycare job, but sometimes, I wonder if I made the right choice. Wondering if I am good enough at this. I feel like because of the messed up schedules, I’m not able to do what I want to do. I just wish I had a 7am – 6pm job Monday through Friday and all full time, with no part timers coming whenever they want. I think having part time kids really messes with things. Their behavior never gets better because they are not here enough to get used to my routine, or my rules. I should state this is really only an issue with kids over age 2.
  • I just realized I probably could have made a separate post about the entire daycare thing.
  • It’s my mother-in-laws birthday today. So a very big happy birthday to her.
  • I feel like it is Wednesday for some strange reason. Maybe it is because I know that I don’t have any daycare kids on Saturday for a change.
  • Now that Xander is in a big boy bed, he has the biggest issues going down for naps now. He also seems to sleep in the middle of the floor at night now too.
2:16 PM

Well, not really! We didn’t have one. I don’t really have any friends, and many of my family members are not talking to me. So, it was just the 6 of us, one of my daycare kids and my little sister and her family. It was enough though. He’s too young to understand and when he starts going to school, we can certainly throw him a party then, as more people are likely to show up.

We did presents and cake and that is about it. Otherwise, we just stayed at home and just enjoyed the day. It was very low key. He barely ate his cake though. He decided to use the icing as a lotion, I guess. Next thing I know, he’s fallen asleep in his highchair. He hadn’t napped earlier that day, so I’m not surprised that he passed out while eating his cake. Here are some pictures of his celebration though.









2:10 PM

It’s Xander’s birthday today, and I plan to make another post about what he’s doing, what kind of kid he is and all that jazz, but since it IS Wednesday, I’m just leaving this as a “Wordless Wednesday” type of post and will write his “letter” for his 2nd birthday soon!

I apologize in advance for the incredibly dirty window. It is impossible to keep the window next to our dining room table clean.









1:02 PM

Back in December, the girls had a dance performance at our local mall. Addison did her competition dances and Kayliana did her Christmas Jazz dance. I didn’t know what side Kayliana was going to be on, so you can barely see her in her video. Not to mention, she’s in a class with kids that are about 3-5 years older than her, so she’s also the shortest in her class. Keep in mind, Kayliana’s class is recreational. She’s also never had any dance training prior to this year. Also keep in mind with Addison’s tap dance, that the mall floors are slippery, adding tap shoes to it with metal bottoms was just a disaster waiting to happen. Addison slipped, and you could tell she was upset about it, and it took her awhile to get back into the rhythm of things. Anyways, here they are!

Kayliana’s Jazz Christmas Performance

Addison’s Jazz Performance

Addison’s Tap Performance

12:41 PM

I’m currently reading “The Maze Runner” by James Dashner. I actually want to see this movie, and I have the movie, but I refuse to watch it until I actually read the book first. I’m about 50% in. Apparently, all of these teens are thrown into this place where there is a maze. The maze has these robot like things with spikes at night, so they can only go in the maze during the day. The “Maze Runners” are always searching for an exit, but have yet to find one. Thomas is the main character in this book, and I genuinely like his character so I’m looking forward to the movie!

That said, it took awhile to get into this book. The verbiage/language was definitely something I needed to get used to. Such as “shuck face” and “Greenie” and weird, odd stuff like that. I also do NOT like books written in the 3rd person. Not that I don’t like them, I just do not prefer them. It’s harder to connect to characters and such with them being written in the 3rd person, so that, too, was difficult to get into as well.

Since I’m about half way through the book, I can say that it is just “ok.” I know it has excellent reviews but I just haven’t fell in love with the series yet. I’ll finish it, and I’ll watch the movie, and I’ll likely read the other books in the series but unless it gets significantly better, I doubt I’ll give it more than 3 stars at this point.

12:24 PM

Look who is officially out of his crib. Bittersweet. I was hoping to keep him in there as long as possible.



And this was taken back in December, but this is Addison prior to her dance performance in the mall.


12:12 PM




  • I still have no sign ups for Young Living. It sort of bums me out. Was hoping it would take off and help earn me a little extra.
  • Speaking of oils though, my kids are loving them, and even ask for them!
  • I’ve started to clear out the play room. I’ve gotten rid of a few things, and have had to temporarily remove things out of the play room too since the kids were just using them as a stepping stone to jump onto other things of attempt to climb over the baby gate. Super dangerous stuff!
  • Despite the gym, and eating less, I still haven’t lost any additional weight or inches. However, I see a huge difference in the muscles in my legs and am starting to wonder if the inches lost there do not exist because of the muscle I’ve gained. It’s a good thing when your husband mentions your muscles in your legs :)
  • My stress level has gotten a lot better, or I’m just handling it all better.
  • Addison has her first competition the weekend of the 20th. I don’t know which day yet, but we’re spending the entire weekend there. Not sure what we are doing just yet though.
  • I have a headache today. I’m hoping it goes away before 6:30pm. I’d hate to miss the gym because of a headache.
  • I need to get into the habit of taking more pictures with my actual camera. I don’t even know the last time I took it with me somewhere or just pulled it out just because.
  • I DO have a ton of pictures I need to upload. I might do that for a Wordless Wednesday tomorrow!
  • We’ve officially signed on for another 2 year contract to live here. I’m not sure how I feel about it just yet.
    3:33 PM

    Some of you may already know from Facebook, but I’ve decided to take a dive into the Essential Oil world. I’ve been using essential oils for awhile, but decided to become an independent distributor for Young Living. The reason you haven’t caught me on my blog working over here, is because I’ve been spending time trying to get my Young Living Facebook Page up and running and my Essential Oil Blog up and running as well.

    Eventually, I’ll have the link to my Essential Oil blog at the top where you see Day Zero, Contact, About, etc. Eventually, I’ll get updated pictures up at the top of my blog too! Total slacker lately, can you tell?

    But, anyways, right now, you can find me dealing with the essential oils, so be sure to follow my Facebook page and my blog on that end! Lots of good information! Eventually, I’ll have a way that you can “shop” for the essential oils directly from my blog if you do not wish to become a wholesale member, and just remain a retail member. Good things coming, I hope!

    11:44 AM


    • School was out yesterday for the kids. They are out today too. I forget how quiet it can be when they aren’t here and are at school.
    • I have joined the Essential Oil world as far as becoming an independent distributor goes for Young Living. I can’t praise these oils enough.
    • Speaking of Young Living, I’ve got create another blog/site for Young Living. It will be attached to this blog, so look for it – eventually!
    • We’re working on potty training Xander. Yes, I know he isn’t even 2 yet but he’s showing some signs of readiness, so we’ve started.
    • I’ve got a vlog post I want to do about my hair. I know that sounds strange, but it’s true. It’s the only way I feel like I can get a proper review in of the product.
    • I am ready for my 5th tattoo, I just have to decide what I want. I have an idea, I just need to put it into motion and figure out the details.
    • I was doing good with the weight loss but seem to be at a stand still at this point. Hopefully I can start losing some more again. Of course, I’ve been working out my muscles to the core, so I’m sure I’m gaining some of that in my weight.
    • I need to plan our mini weekend vacation for February. We seriously are going to need it! I need some one on one time with my own little family.
    • I keep saying that I want to get back into blogging but finding the time has been so hard.
    • The first week of my college classes is complete. I haven’t even thought of lifting up a book this week already. I need to get a move on! A’s on all assignments for last week though. Quizzes, well, that’s another ballgame there.
    9:48 PM

    Week 1 of school being back in since Christmas/Winter Break is officially over. It was so nice to have the kids back at school. I know that might sound horrible, but they really needed to get out of the house. They didn’t have extra curricular activities either, so they were really getting antsy and attitude-ish. It was beginning to get a little ridiculous. Xander, of course, is still the same moody little man as he has been lately. Not sure what is up his butt. The only time he isn’t unhappy is when he’s getting into trouble. The kid doesn’t sit still for anything.

    Nothing new has happened this week. Everything is pretty much the same. We’re working in the yard a little bit this weekend by putting fresh mulch down and pruning some bushes. Exciting right? I did manage to get to the gym this evening though, and I’ll go tomorrow too! I’m a little proud of myself. At the beginning of December, I weighed more than I ever have (not pregnant). The pounds were just packing on and I didn’t know why. No amount of exercise or diet was helping. Now, I’m down about 8lbs from that highest, but 5lbs from what I was continuously at over the past few months. I will go into a bit more detail about that in about a week or so if it keeps up!

    I have a few post ideas in mind… mostly reviews of things. I have also considered doing a little “vlogging” for these reviews. I just have to feel like getting pretty one day (not that I think I’m pretty, because I’m so not, but you get what I’m saying). Anyway, I just wanted to do a little update and do a drop by of 2 random pictures of Xander, and then my favorite picture of the kids that I took for Christmas portraits.





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