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11:44 AM


  • School was out yesterday for the kids. They are out today too. I forget how quiet it can be when they aren’t here and are at school.
  • I have joined the Essential Oil world as far as becoming an independent distributor goes for Young Living. I can’t praise these oils enough.
  • Speaking of Young Living, I’ve got create another blog/site for Young Living. It will be attached to this blog, so look for it – eventually!
  • We’re working on potty training Xander. Yes, I know he isn’t even 2 yet but he’s showing some signs of readiness, so we’ve started.
  • I’ve got a vlog post I want to do about my hair. I know that sounds strange, but it’s true. It’s the only way I feel like I can get a proper review in of the product.
  • I am ready for my 5th tattoo, I just have to decide what I want. I have an idea, I just need to put it into motion and figure out the details.
  • I was doing good with the weight loss but seem to be at a stand still at this point. Hopefully I can start losing some more again. Of course, I’ve been working out my muscles to the core, so I’m sure I’m gaining some of that in my weight.
  • I need to plan our mini weekend vacation for February. We seriously are going to need it! I need some one on one time with my own little family.
  • I keep saying that I want to get back into blogging but finding the time has been so hard.
  • The first week of my college classes is complete. I haven’t even thought of lifting up a book this week already. I need to get a move on! A’s on all assignments for last week though. Quizzes, well, that’s another ballgame there.
9:48 PM

Week 1 of school being back in since Christmas/Winter Break is officially over. It was so nice to have the kids back at school. I know that might sound horrible, but they really needed to get out of the house. They didn’t have extra curricular activities either, so they were really getting antsy and attitude-ish. It was beginning to get a little ridiculous. Xander, of course, is still the same moody little man as he has been lately. Not sure what is up his butt. The only time he isn’t unhappy is when he’s getting into trouble. The kid doesn’t sit still for anything.

Nothing new has happened this week. Everything is pretty much the same. We’re working in the yard a little bit this weekend by putting fresh mulch down and pruning some bushes. Exciting right? I did manage to get to the gym this evening though, and I’ll go tomorrow too! I’m a little proud of myself. At the beginning of December, I weighed more than I ever have (not pregnant). The pounds were just packing on and I didn’t know why. No amount of exercise or diet was helping. Now, I’m down about 8lbs from that highest, but 5lbs from what I was continuously at over the past few months. I will go into a bit more detail about that in about a week or so if it keeps up!

I have a few post ideas in mind… mostly reviews of things. I have also considered doing a little “vlogging” for these reviews. I just have to feel like getting pretty one day (not that I think I’m pretty, because I’m so not, but you get what I’m saying). Anyway, I just wanted to do a little update and do a drop by of 2 random pictures of Xander, and then my favorite picture of the kids that I took for Christmas portraits.





10:22 PM

Yes, I am aware that it is 10pm as I write this, but that is okay! It’s still Thursday, and I said I would do one of these posts, so here it goes.



What I just recently finished: The Lux Series by Jennifer Armentrout

I just completed all 5 books (yes, I’m aware the image is only the first 4) of the Lux series. Hot guy on the cover right? Yeah, he’s supposed to be in the books too. Dark hair and gorgeous green eyes. He’s also sarcastic and cocky at the same time. You’d think that would be annoying, but I actually LOVE his character. Anyways, let me get on with this. Katy moves from Florida to West Virginia. Big crazy jump, but whatever. She befriends her neighbor, Dee but Dee’s brother is not down with Katy and Dee being friends. This guys name is Daemon. Katy and Daemon despise each other for much of the 1st book. Well, Katy gets into trouble and Daemon saves her. She later finds out that her best friend Dee, and her brother are actually aliens called the Luxen. Whoa, bet you didn’t see that alien spin coming, did ya? To make a long story short… well, many stories.. Daemon and Katy fall for each other. Of course, you can’t expect that to be about it. Daemon and his kind have enemies.. the government, and another alien race called the Arum. Daemon turns Katy, unknowingly at first, into half alien (a hybrid) and she becomes a big part of helping to keep The Luxen and herself safe.

I’m not into the entire alien scene, but these books were really good. I enjoyed them! The last 2 books, Origin and Opposition were probably the best out of the series. The last two books had quite a bit of action going on and it also ended beautifully, in my opinion! Definitely a must read for those fantasy YA lovers out there!

What I’m currently reading: House of Korba – The Academy Book #7

Now, I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before… hmm, maybe not. I really do not know, but anyway, this entire series is sort of like a polygamy young adult book. Super strange, but I’ve already been sucked into the books, even if they aren’t super great. Unfortunately for me, once I start a series, I don’t tend to want to stop reading it until I know what happens at the very end when there are no more books. The only series I have never been able to finish were the House of Night series because I thought that each book in that series just absolutely sucked monkey butt. In this book, Sang (the main female character) is now no longer living with her parents and is living with one of her boyfriends – or soon to be boyfriends. I think there’s 7 boyfriends in all. I just started it. I’m about 50% in and I already can’t figure out what the premise of the story is supposed to be about. Saving one of the guy’s brothers? I don’t know. That seems to be where we are headed so far. I guess we’ll see. I’ll have to come back and give an update next week, but so far, the book is just “eh” right now.

6:19 AM

I know that I have to get better about updating my blog, but quite frankly, nothing new has really been going on. I’m going to keep the most recent updates brief by putting them all on my 10 on Tuesday post. It just seems easier that way, at least until I successfully get pictures together and can post.



  • I haven’t bothered to weight myself lately. I don’t want to know what the scale says. I’ve been out of the gym because of the busy holiday schedule and being sick. I’m finally feeling better and back at it though. I think I’ll wait until at least a full week of being back at the gym before I hop on that scale.
  • School Choice is coming up soon. I have to determine what school I’m sending my kids to next year – or at least attempting to send them to.
  • I’ve finally updated my new Day Zero Project. It took forever to come up with a new 101 things. Some are repeats because I never did them with my previous one though. A lot are new!
  • I’m so glad that school is finally back in session. The kids were driving me nuts over Christmas break. I have no idea what I’m going to do during the summer. I don’t know if I can handle all the daycare kids plus my own without losing my mind. The noise and loudness was crazy. It was amazing to have peace and quiet during nap time yesterday.
  • I’m still continuously reading. I need to do a “What I’m Reading Thursday” blog post this week!
  • I have a new daycare kid starting on Wednesday. It’s a part time thing, so now I have 2 part time kids.
  • I don’t recall if I’ve mentioned it, but Addison has decided to drop out of everything BUT her competition dance team. No more hip hop and no more gymnastics. I think she finally realized it was just too much for her little body. Her first competition is next month. I have to get the videos of her performing for a local school carnival up on my blog. She also performed at the mall, as well as Kayliana. Unfortunately, mall flooring and tap shoes are NOT a good mix. Addison slipped (she didn’t fall) and it really upset her that she messed up.
  • I’ve been on an Essential oil kick lately. I actually finally got rid of a ton of sinus pain and pressure by using the oils after antibiotics and Sudafed not working!Kayliana has has major attitude lately. She was fine before Christmas break but a few days in and I thought I was going to strangle her. I hope it was just from being locked up in the house not doing anything and hope to see her normal self return by the end of the week.
  • Xander is talking so much more lately. The cutest thing is that when one of us leaves, he says “Bye Baby” because that is what I say to him when I leave. It’s adorable.
  • I seriously need a vacation. One without any husband or kids would be amazing. I would love to just sleep, eat and be lazy on a beach reading all by myself!
6:41 PM

Well, it is officially a new year! 2015 is here and I am thrilled. It’s time to make changes, start fresh and make this year something good!

2014 was really difficult for me. I went through some major problems and a life that was filled with a lot of ups and downs – mostly downs. I’m really hoping that 2015 will be better for me. I mean, it would have to be pretty damn bad in order to get worse than 2014. I don’t doubt that it COULD be, but I’m really putting all of my hope in that I can make it a better year, and I can become a better person.

Today, I started with getting back into the gym. I’ve been out for nearly a month in a half with only going a few days here and there. Today, I went back. No cardio for me today because I have brought a sinus infection with me into 2015. It’s super hard to do any sort of major walking, jogging and what not when your head feels like it is going to explode from pressure.

I’m also going to begin a new Day Zero project. The new information, will replace the old one that you can find above on the blog. When I make a new one, I’ll announce it and link back to it. I only know a few things I’ll put on it, but I figured instead of resolutions, this would be a better goal for me, and I hope that I’ll hit more of the things on that list than I did with my previous one.

I hope that everyone had a great 2014 and that their 2015 will be even better!

10:04 AM

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9:53 AM

I know that I’ve been gone from my blog for nearly a month. I haven’t even done a 10 on Tuesday in awhile. Things have just been so crazy hectic around here.

The holidays are usually enjoyable to me, but money is tight and I am struggling to purchase the kids Christmas gifts. I don’t usually stress about money, but with our rent going up, not being able to have the opportunity to move, and having to purchase presents for the kids is causing things to get more difficult for me, and it’s really stressing me out.

Gymnastics competition is officially over. Kayliana finally received her first 9.0+ at her states competition. She earned it on beam. Now, at gym, she’s working on level 3 skills, but I’m not sure she’s ready to move up just yet. Now, dance competition season is about ready to come in for Addison.

Daycare has had its ups and downs. I just recently terminated my nephew again for aggression. He bit another child and left a pretty big mark and bruised the 1 year olds finger. My brother is mad at me, but its whatever. I only started watching him under the condition he would get his child the therapy that his child so desperately needs. Neither parent wants to help this poor child and it’s going to ruin him for life. 6 months later, no therapy, and his behavior and aggression towards other children has not improved. I had to let him go, and no matter the condition, he’ll not be allowed to return.

Onto school, the kids are doing just fine, but we are coming up on the time to pick school of choice. I want to pull them out of the school they are in as I don’t think they are progressing as well as I feel they should. Kayliana went from an advanced student to almost below average. It turned out that way after switching schools, so I feel like that says something.

I don’t think there is much else to say that is going on really. I have pictures I need to upload and everything though, and hopefully I can slowly catch up.

9:38 PM

I know I’m very late on a Halloween post, but well, you saw my last post and how difficult this month has already been for me. But, I’m here now, and ready to post about Halloween.

The kids had a blast trick or treating. We went to a local neighborhood and they always have a ton of people handing out candy. Xander was a big hit in his Police Man costume. He wouldn’t wear his hat though, but he was still super cute! Kayliana was a devil, Addison was a fairy, and Tristan was Iron Man. I was SO glad to not have a princess this past Halloween. I’m so over the princess thing. I also had a daycare kid with me for about a half hour, so I have pictures of him too for his first Halloween. Anyways, here are some pictures from Halloween.











8:05 AM

The past two weeks have been really tough on us as a family.  It seems like it is one thing after another. Nothing is going right for us at this point.

For starters, we have to wait another year before we can consider moving. We have to wait until our bankruptcy is discharged to even apply for a home loan again, and that isn’t until a month before our contract for rent is up, and it’s obviously not enough time to go looking for a house. It’s a problem for me because I really want to start my “official” daycare and be able to put my name out there more instead of it being word of mouth. Of course, word of mouth is awesome, but still, I feel like I’m so limited. I can’t decorate how I would want and I can’t put a fence up and a playground in my yard. It sucks! It’s times like this where I wish I had a family member who was willing to buy a home and let us rent it out until we can “buy” it from them.

Next, both vehicles had issues. Our truck is well… I don’t know what the heck is wrong with it. It will just stop when you are driving. Everyone guesses that it is the fuel pump, so we are waiting until we can fix it but for now, we have the van running. It’s still acting a bit different than it should, but it is running.

This week, my kid also broke my laptop. I guess he stepped on it or something, and the screen is shot. I can’t afford another, so I have to rely on Willie’s laptop when I can. I have online classes so I HAVE to be on the computer at times. I hate using his laptop because I feel like I’m inconveniencing him, but I guess it is what it is. I will have to wait a few months I guess to get my own again.

The worst part, we had a death in the family. My dear step-dad, Sam, was fighting Castlemans Disease. He lost his battle on Monday. I am heartbroken. He was a wonderful, great person. He’s probably the best person I’ve ever had the chance to know. He was amazing! I’m going to miss him so so much. Kayliana was really broken up about it and she broke my heart when she told me “I just wish I could have gotten to see him one more time.” Totally heartbreaking. I ended up crying myself to sleep on Monday and woke up with red, puffy, swollen eyes. It really isn’t fair that he’s gone. Him and my dad both deserved a good life together. I am devastated for my father and I hope that he’ll be able to pull through this. I hate that I cannot be there for him.


That’s pretty much how my month of November has gone. It’s been an awful month and I’m not sure how much more I can take on. I can’t get any more bad news or have anything else bad happen. I just do not think my nerves can handle it at this moment. I’ve been busy with the daycare though and the kids are keeping me busy so it keeps my mind off all the bad things at times. It’s just been a really bad month for me. I just want ONE good thing to happen out of this month, and so far, it hasn’t happened yet. All these bad things have happened and we aren’t even 2 weeks into the month. It’s ridiculous.



7:15 AM


  • I have a doctors appointment today. I’m seriously afraid that I’ll walk out of that office tomorrow without any answers of what is wrong with me.
  • Xander has been a handful at night lately. He gets up multiple times screaming. I’m thinking it is his teeth since he appears to be getting some molars in.
  • For 2 weeks, I’ve got an 8 week old that I am babysitting. Starting next week, I’ll have like a 5 or 6 week old that I’ll be watching – for just another 2 weeks. They are temporary *babysitting* slots. After all this newborn squishiness, I am positive I still don’t want another.
  • Our newest dog has been pretty good lately. He’s starting to learn. I ended up getting a DNA test on him to find out what he is out of curiosity. Turns out, his need for jumping on people out of excitement is the boxer in him. This pup has gotten HUGE fast!
  • I’ve completed 2 classes this semester at this point. I received an A in both classes. I am still in one class that goes until December, and another just started for the next 5 weeks. I’m seriously hoping for 2 more A’s to end my semester!
  • We were going to go to Disney this Sunday, but then I had to change our plans. It’s one of my daycare kids birthday parties and I want to be there for it, so we’ve moved it to the following weekend.
  • My sister is coming in just a few weeks. I hope that her visit goes okay.
  • I haven’t been reading as much lately. Maybe it’s because of how busy I am. I’m sure others would wonder how I have time to read at all given my schedule.
  • It looks like we’ll be in this house for another year provided our rent doesn’t go up and our landlord allows us to stay. We’ll see how it goes I guess.
  • I missed the gym last week, but I’m back at it this week. Hoping for another inch lost soon!
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