My oldest.. now 8 years old, has begun to become boy band crazy. One Direction is her band of choice. Just recently, she has decided to get really into them and will listen to the songs on her ipod over and over again. We have bought her 2 cups One Direction related and one has Harry Styles on it. Apparently she thinks he is “so cute” and she “loves him.” She has had us clean out that cup to use it 2 days in a row. She’s now even watching the X-Factor season that has One Direction in it.

On top of the music (which we really need to get the entire albums on her ipod) and the cups, we were at Target the other day and she saw Harry Styles – One Direction wrapping paper. She begged us to get it and asked that all of her presents this year are wrapped in it.

She wants a One Direction ornament this year (they get to pick a new one each year) and I’ve tried looking for One Direction t-shirts and jewelry for her but I haven’t really found any in stores, so I’ll likely have to look online.

That said, I’m really surprised that the boy band craze has begun already.