• Trust is not something I’m willing to give out anymore.
  • We started our Advent Calendar on the 1st. Will have posts about this!
  • We have 3 items to buy before we are done Christmas shopping. We’re just waiting for another paycheck to roll around.
  • I’m really hoping that Willie gets his bonus before we leave for Disney. We were relying on that for seasonal passes.
  • We have almost finished our Christmas decorations. I have to get my lighted trees up in the yard and then we need to get our real tree and we’ll be done.
  • I can’t seem to keep my house clean to save my life. Tristan has turned into a little tornado lately. It doesn’t help that I don’t feel like cleaning either.
  • We have a playdate today and I haven’t bothered to get off my butt and clean.
  • My etsy shop is picking up some business but it’s still not where I want it to be. Start spreading the word people (http://www.etsy.com/shop/RutherfordWoods). I think that I’m going to start offering discounts for my blog readers, or anyone who happens to pass through my blog and finds the discount code.
  • I’m purposely trying to be vague with my 10 on Tuesday so that I still have something to write about when I do actual posts.
  • The kids only have 2 weeks of school this month. We’re pulling them out for vacation one week and they don’t go back until January for Christmas/Winter break.

And.. because I really want to say this because I could REALLY use her right now… I miss Heather!! – So there you have it.. my Eleven on Tuesday :)