Some of you know that I just recently visited Maryland and Virginia on a whim. I have a family member that is sick and I wanted to go up there with the baby so that he could meet him. They can’t travel down here for obvious reasons, so I thought I’d go to them.

I loved my trip there. I thought it was too short to be honest. I was asked if I missed the kids but I guess because I still had one with me, it was much harder to miss them. I love them, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy spending time with them and they ARE my life, but sometimes time away is good and a full 3 days without them wasn’t really enough to “miss them.” I mean, I missed them, but I could have went a few more days without the older 3. I don’t know, it is hard to explain.

Anyway, Xander pretty much cried with everyone who attempted to hold him. He was having some pretty bad stranger anxiety and separation anxiety issues. I even had to pee with him in the bathroom with me or he’d cry while I was “missing.” The only 2 people he did NOT cry with were his Grandma Linda and Grandpa Sam. He cried with my dad, my sister, his great grandparents and my friends. If he napped and I put him in the other room, he’d wake up crying and crawling down the hallway. He was super clingy, didn’t sleep well and was just a really difficult baby compared to what he usually is like.

Of course, everyone loved him despite his stranger problems and I think a lot of people were sad to see us leave. Overall, I’m just glad I got to go up there and have our family finally meet the baby and get to spend time with them. Here are some pictures… they are all Iphone pics so I apologize for the quality. I wanted to bring as little as possible, so no camera images for me since I didn’t bring my beloved Nikon. Some of these were stolen from others :)